A 6 week webinar course with Lisa Dion, teaching you the art and magic of facilitation so that you can make a bigger impact and increase your referrals!

Dear facilitators and coaches,

After years of watching facilitators and coaches attend trainings to learn modalities that they deeply love in order to be able to build a business and impact people’s lives, I have witnessed time and time again amazing people giving up and frustrated because they can’t quite seem to make the impact that they would love to make.  I see facilitators and coaches trying so hard to apply their modality only to find that when their client isn’t able to follow the protocol or the unexpected happens, that they feel lost, stuck and unable to move forward.   The result is that they feel they can’t fulfill the dream to help others that is in their hearts.  And their clients who want to heal and grow, feel “unseen”, “unmet”, “unresolved”, and ultimately dissatisfied by the experience.

And one of the the biggest reasons for this is a lacking of knowing HOW TO FACILITATE.

Facilitators and coaches often learn WHAT to facilitate, but not HOW to facilitate.

I have been a psychotherapist for over 18 years and a Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator for 7.  I have a waitlist practice and I believe it’s because “I get it”.  I figured out the HOW and I understand how to maximize the relationship and neuroscience to bring a modality to life.  As a result, I have great success with my clients and they keep coming back for more.

I want to teach you what I know.  I want to fill in the gaps in your learning and teach you HOW to facilitate, so that you can double your impact, increase your confidence, get more referrals and ultimately transform lives, which is why you decided to become a facilitator or a coach in the first place.

Join me as we delve into understanding what is really going on between you and your clients and how neuroscience can help you maximize your ability to facilitate your clients.

Let’s do this together.


“This is the best training that I have ever attended in all my years as a professional.  Every facilitator needs to take this training. Their confidence in themselves and in their ability to facilitate will skyrocket.”

-Gordon Burke, Entrepreneur, Business and Wealth Coach

“Lisa Dion masterfully combines her years of real world therapy experience with neurobiology research to make understanding the science of facilitating practical and applicable. She helped fill in gaps in my knowledge and provided simple practices & solutions that empowers me to be more effective and authentic with my clients and most importantly, with myself.”

 – Jonathan Sugai, Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

 What you will discover in this 6 week course:

– How the brain processes information and activates both your and your client’s nervous systems into the primary freeze/fight/flight/collapse responses and how to use this information to keep you and your client present

– The 4 threats of the brain that must be addressed in any facilitation process

– How to read your clients nervous system states and what to do to keep them maximally engaged and regulated

– What to do when your client gets stuck and starts to emotionally collapse moving into a shut down response

– What to do when you get emotionally activated while facilitating and how to keep yourself present and engaged

– The Neuroscience showing you what is really going on between you and your client in any given moment and how to use this information to fuel your facilitation

– How to develop attunement with your client to enhance your intuition and your presence

– How to use both left brain and right brain processes for deep integration

– And much more!

Your Guide for 6 weeks

Lisa is an international teacher, clinical supervisor, author, coach and entrepreneur.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and is at the cutting edge of her field creating new and innovative models of therapy with children and adults.

She is the founder and President of the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute and the creator of Synergetic Play Therapy. She is also a Certified Gestalt Therapist, Parent Educator, Level II EMDR Practitioner and Master Certified Facilitator of the Demartini Method™.

In her private practice, she works with clients of all ages from around the world on a full spectrum of issues.  In addition to her clinical work, she has also launched multiple for-profit and non-profit businesses and is a business consultant to various organizations worldwide.

Lisa was awarded the Association for Play Therapy’s 2015 Professional Training and Education Award of Excellence for her outstanding professional education and training and for advancement of the field.

Lisa loves to teach and is dedicated to awakening presence and certainty in her students and clients.

“Lisa’s masterful insight is inspiring and her earnest dedication to teaching others is phenomenal. In both my personal and professional life, Lisa has been my greatest asset.”-  Jordan Korth, Trained Demartini Method Facilitator

“This is what I want to say to every facilitator out there: If you get the chance to study with Lisa, do it!  It will give you so much more than you can imagine.”

– Maria Merrill, Demartini Method ® Facilitator, Yoga Coach, Teacher, Writer

Why Take This Course?

  • You’re ready to take your practice to the next level

  • You sometimes feel “stuck” with your clients and/or your clients feel “stuck”

  • You have a hard time keeping clients engaged in the process

  • You don’t know what to do when you get triggered while facilitating  and want to know how to manage your own internal state

  • You don’t feel that you are maximizing healing, you think about giving up, you feel like a failure, you struggle with confidence and certainty. All of this ultimately effects your ability to build a practice, maintain clients, and create the dream career you would love to create

  • You wonder what you are doing wrong or could do better, thinking that it is just more mastery of the modality that is needed

Course Dates: 

TBD… stay tuned.

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