People are bombarded by millions of messages everyday about how to create the perfect life and what is “normal”, but unfortunately, much of what is taught in the mental health and self-development field is based on  false beliefs about how people “should” work and what health “should” look like?  The result is that people are often left feeling depressed, stuck, anxious and confused about who their “authentic self” actually is.

With Lisa’s in-depth understanding of neuro-psychology, how the mind is designed to work and the biology of symptoms, her clients learn a radically different approach to why they create the life experiences that they do.  Lisa gives her clients insights and practical tools that help free them from many of the cultural myths and the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, powerless, and dissatisfied.

With her combined background as a Psychotherapist and a Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, she is able to draw from many disciplines in a way that sets her apart from other coaches.  The end result is that her clients genuinely discover who they really are, not who they think they should be.  They leave empowered, with greater clarity of vision and purpose, and a self appreciation that they didn’t have before.

“Lisa has given me unwavering support and a connection that I haven’t found with any other therapist. She has helped me to explore different coping methods that have allowed me to really relax into being myself. With her facilitation, I’ve learned to move through my fears and as a result gave myself permission to go after what I love in love and manifest my dreams.”

Samantha C., client

“Lisa Dion is truly an authentic person. With great compassion and conviction, she will help you navigate your internal treasure map so that you may discover your greatest gift – your magnificent powerful self!!”

Steve G., client

“There is no question that Lisa Dion is a skilled therapist. She implements a combination of intuition, mindfulness, inside provoking questions and a huge heart that provides the client with the transformation necessary to experience true freedom and the direction necessary to live a fulfilled life.”

Will Etheridge, Therapist and Demartini Method Facilitator

“I found Lisa when I felt lost in one of the most chaotic and stressful periods of my career and life. In our time together, each session contributed to my personal growth and evolution in self love and personal worth. Thanks to her superpower I have a voice now and I can be seen.”

Lorena H., client

“Lisa is very aware of my needs and sensitive to my energy when we process past, present and future fears. I leave each session resolved with whatever I bring up to discuss. Many times, I have felt that she has blown my mind with helping me find gratitude for all situations in my life.”

Estefani R., client