You want to create a business, but are not sure exactly what business to create.

Lisa excels in helping individuals and organizations clarify their vision.  She helps separate out the fantasy vision, allowing for the emergence of a clear, inspired, authentic vision.  Lisa knows that the key to business success is to not create a vision based on “should’s”, but to create a vision that aligns with one’s true identity.

You know the business you want to create, but are not sure how to create it.

Part of manifesting a business is getting practical and taking sound action steps.  Lisa’s background and expertise will help you determine which steps to take and how to keep yourself inspired as you tackle the details.

You know your business idea and how to create it, but feel blocked in manifesting it.

It is not enough to have a great idea and to know the steps to making it manifest.  Emotions and perceptions about the vision also play a vital role in business creation and long-term success.  Clearing out the blocks is often the key to seeing a dream come true.

“Lisa Dion’s approach to organizational consulting transcends cultural boundaries and contexts as she is able to tap into the human dynamics that unfold in any group or industry. In a clear and objective manner, Lisa provided feedback and support for our South African based organization that has revolutionized our programs and fostered growth and connection within our team. We look forward to her next visit!”

Lauren P. , Executive Director, Lionhearted Kids

“Lisa has literally taught us how to re-design our work environment and create a dream team through the identification and acknowledgement of our values. Her profound education and training has opened a wide window of opportunity and a limitless future where we connect the hearts and minds of others through a deeper level of communication.”

Lorena M., Dynamic Logic