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Aggression is a part of play therapy and knowing how to make it therapeutic is often a challenge.  Using neuroscience, come learn how to help your child clients work through their aggression and intense play leading to healing and transformation.

This workshop is designed to help play therapists understand aggression and death play from a neuro-biological perspective and a Synergetic Play Therapy lens.   With the help of neuroscience and theoretical bases in Experiential and Relational/Humanistic theories, therapists will learn how to effectively work with this type of play in a way that supports nervous system regulation, reorganization of the child’s lower centers of the brain and decreases compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

This workshop will take therapists to new possibilities as they explore a science based process for working with children at the deepest, most profound levels while staying safe and sane.  They will learn how to make aggressive play therapeutic while understanding what it takes to maximize growth and integration for their clients and themselves.