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Art in Play Therapy is the second workshop in a two-day series. Sign up for one or both. These workshops unravel the mystery of sand and art in the play therapy room. We’ll explore the healing power of this modality in ways that will help you better facilitate your client’s process. Learn how to facilitate both non-directive (Synergetic) and directive (Gestalt) approaches. Available live or via webinar with a partner. This is an interactive, experiential class where two participants are needed for role playing the therapist and the client. So if you sign up for the webinar, both participants must register. If you sign up for the live class, we will partner you up with someone.


  1. Understand the difference between facilitating the use of art in play therapy through directive and non-directive processes.
  2. Learn how to deepen a child’s process when they engage in art during a play therapy session.
  3. Understand the connection between a child’s art and their nervous system regulations/dys-regulation in play therapy.
  4. Understand the progression of art development in children and how this information might be used to assess the emotional age of the child in the play therapy process.

APT Approved Provider 09-264.