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This training is for Certified Synergetic Play Therapists who meet the pre-requisites to becoming a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor*. These courses count towards Registered Play Therapy Supervisor requirements. In this training, students will learn how to apply the Synergetic Play Therapy philosophy and tenets to the supervisory relationship. Through video observation, didactic learning, group discussion, and self study, students will learn how to step into the role of supervisor- one of the most important and influential roles in a play therapist’s journey.

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Becoming a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor Objectives:

Becoming a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor- General Theory ( 4 Non-Contact Credits)

  • Learn the Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor Tenets
  • Discuss the SPT Skills Sets and the need to start with the basic skill sets
  • Explain “The Set Up” in the Supervisory relationship

Application of Synergetic Play Therapy Principles through a Supervisory Lens  (4 Non-Contact Credits)

  • Write your strengths and areas of growth as a supervisor through self video observation and self analysis
  • Analyze the Tenets of Synergetic Play Therapy Supervision through written analysis

How to Supervise an SPT Supervisee (6 Non Contact Credits)

  • Apply the use of video in the supervision process
  • Critique various therapists’ struggles in the play therapy process presented through video observation and ways to support their growth
  • Discuss the importance of identifying one key skill the supervisee can be working on and the importance of communicating in the supervisee’s goals and values.

Clinical Issues in SPT Supervision Course – Groups (6 Non Contact Credits)

  • Analyze various clinical issues that arise and ways to support the supervisees’ growth and learning
  • Discuss the importance of making sure supervisees are working on basic play therapy skills first
  • Learn various ways to understand where the supervisee is at in their therapeutic development and the importance of working with them where they are at in their stage of development

This is an 8 month training and starts with the first class on September 17th, 2020

*Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor and Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor are protected titles held by those who have taken this training