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This is a closed workshop for members of BVSD.

Developing Emotional Regulation: Awakening the Genius Within Part 1

As neuroscience continues to reveal the importance of developing greater and greater capacities for emotional regulation, it is essential that teachers, educators and students understand the biology behind regulation and how to develop it within themselves.  Participants will understand exactly what regulation is and is not, the biological mechanisms in the brain and nervous system allowing for regulation, and what it takes to develop a strong regulatory capacity, one of the key elements needed to maximize learning, productivity and inspiration.

Discovering What Drives You: Awakening the Genius Within Part 2

Teachers, educators and students will be introduced to a framework for human potential that will help awaken the genius within.  Participants will learn what drives them to do what they do and why certain things interest them.  Expanding from part 1, an understanding of nervous system states as they relate to physiological feedback helping us know when we are on or off track will be explored. Teachers, educators, and students are guaranteed to walk away from this talk with a-has and a deeper understanding of what it takes to feel truly inspired in their studies and in their career choices.