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Therapists live each day on the front line in their work putting in countless hours helping children heal, but let’s be honest- there are days when being fully present in the play room or online is not an easy task. Yes there are many moments in the play therapy process that are fun, but the truth is that helping children integrate their pains and working with their parents can be hard work and taxing to therapists’s nervous systems. As play therapists, we spend a lot of time learning about how to heal the children we work with, but what about us? What happens when we are too stressed to play?

This interactive workshop will help guide therapists back to themselves. With the help of neuroscience, therapists will learn how to identify their own states of dys-regulation beyond the common warning signs that many therapists are already familiar with. Therapists will not only learn what is happening in their own brains and nervous systems and how to regulate their bodies, but will also be able to apply the information directly to their child clients resulting in a deeper healing process.