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Being a therapist (or in a helping profession) is not an easy job as it requires an on-going commitment to show up day in and day out when your clients need you … But what happens when the people we are serving aren’t the only ones in crisis? What happens when we are in crisis too? (We are human after all). And what happens if it’s the same crisis?!

In this special one-hour webinar (Part 3 of Regulating Through the Coronavirus webinar series), you’ll reconnect to yourself and gain greater internal resources to help you overcome many of the challenges of being a therapist right now.

It will be a combination of teaching, support, self-reflection, and discussion, to help you answer some of these questions and more:

💗 How do we manage our own internal emotional states when we’re in the same crisis as our clients?
💗 How do we still maintain the role of external regulator when our nervous system is activated in high levels of dysregulation?
💗 How do we stay poised, connected to self, and hold a larger picture for our self and our clients when our window of tolerance is being tested?
💗 How do we address the feeling of having a greater sense of responsibility or pressure as a therapist during this time?
💗 How do we manage if we’re experiencing our own set of challenges during a time of crisis?
💗 How do we separate “mine from theirs” in a crisis?

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