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In this workshop, you will have a one of kind experience as you explore a new and fresh way of using sand non-directively in your play therapy sessions. You will be introduced to using sand through the lens of Synergetic Play Therapy, the first research-informed play therapy model to blend together neuroscience, attachment/attunement, therapist authenticity, physics, emotional congruence, nervous system regulation, and mindfulness. Through didactic and experiential teachings, you will learn cutting-edge research on interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, nervous system regulation, and brain development as the research is translated into innovative ways of using the sand to help re-pattern your child client’s nervous systems. You will also learn what it means to attach to one’s self as the cornerstone for all healing, the importance of congruent emotional expression in the playroom, how to identify types of dysregulation in the child’s sand trays, how to model regulating activities, and ultimately how to re-pattern a child’s nervous system while taking care of your own nervous system to prevent vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

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