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Online Intro to Synergetic Play Therapy Course: Understanding What Regulation Is and What It Isn't in SPT

The Online Introduction to
Synergetic Play Therapy Course
Six Month Series
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“This training helped me build security, confidence and trust in what I am doing with children in the playroom.” -Brittany Redman, Therapist

Note: This third class of a six month series. You cannot register for individual modules of this course. Learn more about our next Intro to Synergetic Play Therapy and other available courses at our e-learning site. 

Understanding What Regulation Is and What It Isn’t in SPT (Class 3 of 6)
We will continue to deepen our understanding of how the play therapy process works, how to help children integrate the dys-regulation in their nervous systems and more.   This class is a time for deeper integration and understanding before we move on to working with Parents!


  1. Understand what regulation is and isn’t according to Synergetic Play Therapy;
  2. Understand what it means to “overcome a challenge” in the play therapy process.

The course: In this six-month online course, therapists will explore the basic components of Synergetic Play Therapy™. This course takes cutting edge research in interpersonal neural anatomy, mindfulness, attachment theory, and brain development and then translates these findings into practical ways of working with children and parents. Special topics such as sand, art, trauma and aggressive play will also be covered from the perspective of nervous system regulation, attunement, attachment, mindfulness, and authenticity. Participants will also learn how to track the client’s changes for parents, teachers, agencies and themselves.

Learn more about this class on our Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy page.

APT Approved Provider 09-264.