You asked for it, so here it is….

Part 2!

Join me for another 4 weeks as we continue to understand the amazing world of neurobiology as a path to show us “How” to facilitate.

When the most common feedback from Part 1 was “Blew my mind” and “Give me more”, I knew that something about this information was resonating deeply. I knew that there was a deep desire to learn more. I immediately sat down to begin to create Part 2 and the excitement was profound. I am so excited to continue to share this information with you and to support you in developing a deeper understanding of who you are and HOW to facilitate another person.

Let’s keep doing this together.


“Lisa masterfully combines her years of real world therapy experience with neurobiology research to make understanding the science of facilitating practical and applicable. She helped fill in gaps in my knowledge and provided simple practices & solutions that empowers me to be more effective and authentic with my clients and most importantly, with myself.” – Jonathan Sugai

 What you will learn in this course:

In Part 1, we laid down the foundation as we explored how the brain processes information, the 4 major threats of the brain that we need to be aware of when facilitation, “The Set Up” that occurs in the relationship, what it means to become the “external regulator”, how to recognize different states of activation of the nervous system, what to do when your client starts to move into the “collapse” response, and so much more!

In Part 2, we will continue the journey to understand how neuroscience can help guide towards understanding what is happening within ourselves and our clients, so that we can take our facilitation skills to a whole new level.

In this course, we are going to explore:

– How do we know if the client is ready?  and how to get them ready if they aren’t.

– How to develop the ability to hear/feel what the client is really saying

– How to use goals and other techniques to keep the client on track and in the higher centers of their brain

– A deeper understanding of memory- including how it forms and what happens during a perceived traumatic experience

– A deeper understanding of what co-regulation means and the circuitry in the body that allows for deep attuned connection with self and other

Course Dates:

April 6th  1 pm-2 pm MST

April 13th  1 pm-2 pm MST

*One week break with assignments to help with integration.

April 27th  1 pm-2 pm MST

May 4th  1 pm-2 pm MST

**All courses will be LIVE recorded webinars.  Course will include handouts with detailed diagrams.

Next class starts April 6th!