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As neuroscience continues to reveal the importance of developing greater and greater capacities for emotional regulation, it is essential that clinicians understand the biology behind regulation and how to develop it within the children they work with. This full day workshop is designed to help clinicians understand exactly what regulation is and is not, the biological mechanisms in the brain and nervous system allowing for regulation, and learn practical tools that can be implemented right away in the playroom for developing a child’s regulatory capacity. Clinicians will also learn what it takes and how to become the external regulator in the relationship- the most important tool to have in the toolbox.

In this workshop, Lisa makes the growing field of neuroscience accessible and relevant to clinicians of all backgrounds. Using interpersonal neurobiology and a Synergetic Play Therapy framework rooted in Child-Centered, Gestalt and Experiential Play Therapy theories, this workshop caters to both experienced and new clinicians, and is applicable to private practice, agency and school settings. Clinicians will leave this workshop with a powerful new perspective on emotional regulation and ideas that they can take straight into their next session.


  • Discuss the significance of congruence and authentic expression in the play therapy process
  • Examine the link between a child’s dysregulated states of their nervous system and their play
  • Discuss the Synergetic Play Therapy concept of “The Set Up” in the playroom as a way to understand what children are attempting to communicate
  • Explore how our own “window of tolerance” can impact the child’s healing process
  • Practice what it takes to become the “external regulator” in the playroom to support nervous system integration
  • Explore what to do when “emotional flooding” happens in a play therapy session