Would You Like Lisa To Present At Your Next Event Or Teach A Class?

Lisa is a highly sought after speaker.  Her experiential style of presenting engages audiences, both small and large.  Her ability to adapt the presentation to various learning styles makes complicated topics easy to understand.  Combining her background as a psychotherapist, mother, and entrepreneur, Lisa presents on over 20 different topics ranging from neuro-science to international business creation.

Lisa was awarded the Association for Play Therapy’s 2015 Professional Training and Education Award of Excellence for her outstanding professional education and training that significantly developed, promoted, and advanced the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists.

“Lisa is a highly talented educator, trainer, and supervisor. She articulates concepts in a way that connects her to her audience, and uses an experiential approach to teaching that provides students and supervisees with a deeper understanding of the material at hand. Lisa’s passion for her work is palpable, and I believe that anyone lucky enough to be one of her students/ supervisees will be gripped by the same passion that informs her life.”

Nicole H. , Certified Synergetic Play Therapist
“Lisa is at the forefront of the play therapy world, incorporating biology and neurology into her work, currently known as Synergetic Play Therapy. She is able to conceptualize play therapy in a way that has not been explored before — from the perspective of nervous system function and regulation. She seeks to frame her understanding of health from the most universal perspective possible and to support the natural movement towards authenticity through understanding and working with the projective process, relational attunement and self regulation.”
Christie G., Director, Boulder Center For Play Therapy
“Most profound learning shift for me in years. Thank you.”
Student, Association for Play Therapy International Conference
“I don’t know how to thank Lisa enough for the transformative experience she has provided. She is teaching exactly what needs to be taught right now, and the way she goes about teaching it – with such clarity, kindness, generosity, and vision – is incomparable. I have never in my life, experienced such a profound workshop experience.”
Julia Levine, Synergetic Play Therapy Intensive Participant